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Make a list of candidate dishes for each month
~ 5 months ago
Get basic cooking equipment
~ 4 months ago
Identify tasting panel of judges
Cook January dish
Cook February dish
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2 active goals
~ 2 months ago

Inspired by a random Youtube short I decided to try out this cheese brussels sprouts quick recipe thinking I could probably reuse this technique on other dishes. Probably used the wrong cheese or turned the heat too high but definitely wasn't the look (or taste) I was going for...

Next Milestone:Cook January dish


2 active goals
~ 5 months ago

The dairy section has always been a touch-and-go part of the supermarket just for butter or milk but seeing as so many recipes call for some kind of cheese or cream, I took some time to go through the offerings nearby and was suprised at the varieties. Made some notes, so excited to try them!

Next Milestone:Get basic cooking equipment

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2 active goals
Completed Goal
Total time elapsed: ~344 days
~ 2 months ago

12 restaurant dishes across 12 months all done!

And the winner is... the garlic cream pasta with mushroom bacon! This dish was so successful the family actually asked for this to be cooked a few more times despite knowing new dishes were coming monthly.

Learned so many techniques and interesting ingredients along the way to the point I can now whip up a decent dish with leftovers in the fridge instead of having to head out to the supermarket for groceries each time. Strongly encourage anyone with even a tiny bit of interest in cooking to set a goal for yourself and you'll be pleasantly surprised how much you can improve :)


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