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Why try this

A straightforward way to become more appreciative of what we have is to help others who might not be as fortunate as ourselves. Picking a local charity could be extra purposeful as it impacts the community you live in and allows you to give back to the people around you. It might also be the simplest way to start with volunteering as you might already know of ones in your neighbourhood which are just an email or phone call away.

How to track progress
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Think about how you'd like to contribute
Research and pick a local charity
Contact the charity to offer help
Make plan with baby steps
Journal visit or contribution
Share learnings and follow-up plans
Guiding tips

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Pick something that matters to you

Charities come in all shapes and forms so though it might seem obvious make sure you choose one that is close to your heart in some way. That way you'd find it easier to stick to your commitments and find other ways to help willingly instead of just being an extra pair of hands waiting to be deployed. Charities also have various ways of operating due to their imposed regulations or structure so ensure you're comfortable with either their mission and/or way about their business. If in doubt reach out to clarify and don't make any assumptions!

Image depicting the section for It starts with you
It starts with you

Now that you're thinking about helping out you've at least cleared the motivation part so that's a great start! Consider how you can make a meaningful impact by thinking about how you'd like to contribute. While donations are a great way to get started you should also weigh other options such volunteering your own skillset e.g. improving their website, painting their compound, assisting in transportaton of bulky goods etc. The great thing about this is that all of us have something to offer so list down some possibilities. Again if in doubt, reach out to the chosen charity to get ideas or options to possibly fast track this and they typically are more than happy to share their thoughts.

Image depicting the section for Ease yourself into volunteering and don't overcommit
Ease yourself into volunteering and don't overcommit

Most long time contributors suggest starting small and coming back often rather than committing to a single act of enormous effort. This is more sustainable and also allows you to explore which parts you feel the most passionate about. The longer term time frame also allows you to make more lasting connections and could be an organic way of drawing yourself back without having to constantly force yourself to make conscious efforts to keep up volunteering.

Image depicting the section for Inspire others through sharing
Inspire others through sharing

The simple act of sharing your experience could make volunteering much more approachable for others as the hesitation often comes from the unknowns in getting started. Sharing the rewards AND difficulties of the entire process makes it real so don't only write about the good bits! You may not have all the answers as well so don't be afraid to refer enquiries to the charity directly and they'll be glad you brought some potential help to them :)