Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)What is GoalGush?

GoalGush is a goal setting app focused on simplicity and a natural journal style way of tracking progress.

What problem is GoalGush solving?

Meaningful goals tend to take a while to achieve and we often lose sight or give up without support from others.

GoalGush aims to create a positive community that creates a supportive network around users trying to achieve their goals in a bid to keep them going through the days, months or even years!

What is different about GoalGush?

GoalGush focuses on the social element of the journey which adds support and a small factor of accountability as users know their followers are waiting for updates.

We encourage the sharing of bad as well as good news through the entire process rather than just highlighting the positive bits. At the end these updates tell a story of how a goal was achieved, which is not only a wonderful thing to look back on but also a powerful tool to inspire others to start their own journeys.

Are all goals welcome on GoalGush?

While we aim to be an inclusive and open community, questionable content gets moderated especially after investigations on request from other users. Consulting our community standards will give a better idea into what would be unsuitable and visiting this often would help as we update the guidelines from time to time.

Beyond that all goals and dreams are welcome and we look forward to seeing what you end up pursuing!

How can I provide extra feedback or suggestions?

Our team is always keen to improve and serve the community better so please reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you within a few days :)